Discover Lower Body Engagement in ONE Session!!!

Pro Pitching Institute “Lower Body” Pitching Clinics in South Jersey.

lower body involvement promotes mound success.

When your Son works with a Catcher who places his target in an unhittable position and he knew how to use his lower body to send his fastballs directly into his Catcher’s target, he’s going to …

  • Challenge every hitter to find a way to reach base,
  • Prove to people that he’s the guy they want to see on the mound,
  • Keep his Team close enough to win the games he pitch, and
  • Become the Pitcher most likely to fill most next-level openings.

Who do you listen to?

There’s a ton of “information” floating around, but gravity separates the experts from the pretenders.

Your Son’s mind reads gravity’s impact on his weight distribution and, when pitching, either …

  • Typical instruction has him using his throwing arm for balance and he never really know where any single pitch will end up or
  • Coach Skip’s simple, straightforward, and GUARANTEED advice teach him “how to” keep his body in balance into the end of his stride, free his throwing arm to move the way he wants, and expect his pitches to travel directly into his target with uncanny regularity.

Coach Skip’s programs produce results …

With any Coach Skip program, “The Lower Body Doctor” …

  • Uses your Son’s current throwing action to get his lower body to send his pitches directly to his target.
  • Locates his off-speed pitches as easily as he does his fastballs.
  • No matter the pitch called, every opponent sees a fastball arm speed on every pitch.
  • Your Son’s later-stage ball movement makes his pitches extremely difficult to drive.
  • He keeps Hitters guessing about ball movement and speed.
  • His improved fastball location means he’ll become the Pitcher he/you always dreamed he’d be.
  • He’ll become one of the few Pitchers able to deliver the results his Team expects.
  • He’ll meet or beat most every benchmark anyone wants to hold him to.
  • Your Son’s bottom line … he’ll become the Pitcher he/you always dreamed you’d be.

Don’t plan to “wash out” before your Son gets started!

Don’t let a lack of easily-taught, lower-body-driven fastball command cause your Son to “wash out” before he gets started.