Fastball pitch location promotes high-level pitching success. Need better fastball pitch location? Contact Coach Skip.One-on-one distance-based pitching Sessions

Virtual pitching sessions are one-on-one pitching instruction for Pitchers unable to travel to South Jersey for in-person troubleshooting.

  • When you meet with Coach Skip, you position your camera to let Coach Skip see you move from one side of the frame to the other.
  • Coach Skip sees your movement, instantly picks up on what’s hiring your results, and, in real-time, introduces ways for you to instantly challenge next-level hitters to reach base.
  • As with all his instruction, even from a distance, you hold Coach Skip accountable for your results.
  • No matter your current age or skill level, you can expect the pitching process Coach Skip teaches to be extremely efficient, surprisingly simple to execute, and at your disposal for the rest of your pitching career.
Only 40/session

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