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Pro Pitching Institute “Lower Body” Pitching Clinics in South Jersey.

lower body engagement Promotes Success.

What Coach Skip, “The Lower Body Doctor”, has found is that any weight shift forces a Pitcher’s body to use their throwing arm to offset their weight shift, and, because they’re using their throwing arm for balance, there’s a natural disconnect between the arm slot the Pitcher wants and the arm slot their body needs.

  • Consequently, Pitchers with a weight shift will continually struggle with their fastball command and can only hope they have a future on the mound.

Coach Skip also sees most #1 Big League Starters keep their body in balance throughout their entire delivery and, by doing so, free their throwing arm to deliver their pitches where they want.

  • By teaching Pitchers “how to” command their fastballs, Coach Skip gives every Pitcher control over their pitching future.

Coach Skip Teaches Balance

Coach Skip has trained himself to teach Pitchers “how to” keep their body in balance throughout their entire motion and effectively produce the lower body involvement needed to clear a path to their pitching dreams.

Coach Skip’s proprietary programs are easily executed, extremely repeatable, and remarkably effective… plus it works for beginners, intermediates, and Pros alike!


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