Every parent wants the best for their son.

You, as a Parent, see “what” your son does, instantly know “what” he needs to do to improve his results, then tell him “what” he needs to do.

If this is your approach and your son hasn’t stopped listening to you, he will.

Why is your son going to stop listening to you?

In the beginning, your son wants you to tell him “what” to do, but what most parents don’t realize is there’s a difference between telling him “what” to do and showing him “how” to do it.

As a good parent wanting the best for your son, you persist in holding your son accountable for something you never taught him “how” to do.

Eventually, your son feels likely he’s constantly failing you.

Once he reaches this point, instead of disappointing you anymore, he shuts you off.

That’s where Coach Skip comes in.

If you truly want the best for your son, you want Coach Skip to work with him.

Coach Skip will teach your son “how” to do what he needs to do to produce the pitching results you both want.

Armed with this information, you have two choices.

  1. Continue telling your Son “what” to do without “how” to do it or
  2. Have Coach Skip help you teach your son “how” to become the Pitcher he/you want him to be.

The latter choice gives your son a better pitching future and produces the pitching results that exceed those opting for the first option.

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“Unless you help your son trust his body, your son’s pitching dreams will forever be out of reach.” ~ Coach Skip Fast