DELAWARE VALLEY team training sessions

As long as your field is located within the Delaware Valley, invite Coach Skip to your field to present his proprietary one-on-one pitching program to your Team.

Your Training Session Includes:

  • Pre-Session Discussion (about 15 minutes before we dig into your pitchers’ motions).
  • For 1-hour, Coach Skip teaches your Team how to bridge the gap between the Pitchers they are and the Pitchers you want them to be.
  • Post Pitching Event Discussion /Questions (about 15 minutes).
  • Only $80/one-hour plus training session.

What you can expect from each hour plus Training Session:

  • A Pitching Squad where every Pitcher understands what they need to do to repeatedly throw more strikes and keep your Team close enough to win more games.
  • Your Coaches/Patents will walk away with the know-how needed to reinforce the skills Coach Skip presents during your training session.
  • Guaranteed improvement or you don’t pay.

To reserve a date with Coach Skip to come work with your pitchers, call/text Coach Skip right now at 856-524-3248!

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“Teach your Pitchers how to pitch and watch the wins stack up.” ~ Coach Skip Fast